Tai Chi classes in the
Fairview/Clontarf area of Dublin
** New classes starting 16th January 2024

Improve your breathing, balance & coordination
Calm your body & mind
Release strain from your nerves
Strengthen your back
Get more energy in your body

Tai chi is a low impact exercise system that comes from China. It works with postural alignments, stretching and breathing techniques to relax the mind by releasing the body of strain.

It grounds the body and connects the arms and legs to the spine, developing athletic coordination and ease of movement.
It is an ideal form of exercise for someone who hasn’t been doing any for a while, or who doesn’t like going to the gym.

If you have a background in dance or martial arts, or are a regular gym goer, tai chi can add to your training. By developing your leg’s connection to the ground, it stabilises your balance and adds to your power. If you find that you get tight/sore muscles from your normal routine, tai chi practices can allow you to release these and maximise your performance.

Beginner classes run on Tuesdays, from 7-8pm. Intermediate class, for those who have completed the beginner course, follows afterwards.

To enrol, email Owen at: wutaichi_irl@yahoo.com
text/ring 086-8825-662