About me

My name is Owen and I started martial arts when I was a teenager, initially learning Wado-Ryu karate, Bujinkan Ninjutsu and Aikido. I have been learning tai chi since 1991, when I met Dr. Alan Peatfield, an academic in UCD where I was studying.

Besides teaching me himself, he introduced me to two of his own internal art teachers: Dan Docherty is a Scot based in London, who learned Tai Chi in Hong Kong during the 1970’s and ’80’s as a policeman and full-contact fighter.
Bruce Frantzis began his martial and meditative odyssey in New York during 
60’s and trained in Japan, India, Taiwan and mainland China.

Dan certified me as one of his instructors in the late nineties; Bruce has certified me to teach both the Short and Long forms of Wu-style tai chi, as well as the ‘Dragon & Tiger’ and ‘Opening the Energy Gates’ chi gung sets.

I am continuing my training in tai chi chuan and related arts with two instructors who have spent a lot of time training in Bruce’s Daoist energy arts, Chris Chappell and Paul Cavel. I cannot recommend them highly enough. (see links for more info)

I have also trained in Eastern and Western bodywork/massage, gaining Diplomas in Oriental Body Balance and Acupuncture from the Oriental Medicine College of Ireland.
This has deepened my understanding of how the body works, when it falls out of balance and how to return that balance. This is a different perspective to that of simple exercise or martial arts.