Jan Golden of Tai Chi Ireland teaches tai chi at his studio near St. Patrick’s Cathedral. He runs classes throughout the week as well as weekend workshops.

Bruce Frantzis’ site is

Info on Dan Docherty’s Wudang tai chi can be found at

Chris Chappell teaches classes and weekend workshops in London and week long retreats in the south of France. He has a wide background in martial arts and meditation. As well as teaching Yang-style tai chi and other chi gung practices, he also teaches ba gua zhang.
Chris is the person who first introduced me to the standing practices of tai chi and the magic that they contain.

Paul Cavel is based in Spain where he teaches chi gung, tai chi and ba gua zhang retreats during the summer. He also teaches workshops throughout the UK and Germany. He started training with Bruce Frantzis in the late 1980’s and has focussed on deepening his understanding of Bruce’s Daoist energy work since then, especially of his pre-heaven ba gua.